embroidered christmas heart decoration

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An quick Christmas make perfect for beginners, children and beyond. Learn to make a crochet bow, a pom pom and basic appliqué. You get a pdf of the templates needed to make three different designs. A suppliers list of my favourite places to shop for all my sewing needs. Lots of ways to transfer patterns onto fabric. A step by step video guide of how to make your hearts with different embellishing options containing approximately 55 minutes of video in total. All video is split into small manageable bite size pieces to pop on whenever you and a space minute.
Module 1 Introduction
What we're going to do on this project course.
Unit 1 welcome to the fam
Unit 2 what you will need
Module 2 Making the project
Making a pom pom Learning to applique making a crochet bow
Unit 1 Template Pdfs
Unit 2 cutting out your patterns
Unit 3 basic raw edge appliqué
Unit 4 a crochet bow
Unit 5 embellishing & pom pom making
Module 3 Finishing off
stitching your heart together stuffing your heart look what you made
Unit 1 finishing off your heart
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