Troubleshooting Guide

Please note: access to the course videos are at peak demand first thing in the morning between 8am-10am, when everyone tries to access them. If you are able to access the videos later on in the day, please do so. This will help minimise the demand on the video server at a particular time.

Troubleshoot playing videos

Are the course videos playing, then stops, starts, and stops again? Here are some troubleshooting steps that fix the most common problems.

1. Buffer video while paused
Load the course module page. The video clip should start to autoplay on page load, if it doesn’t, click on the ‘Play’ button. Then, click on the ‘Pause’ button on the video clip. You will see the white loading bar at the bottom of the clip continue to move from the left to the right, this means that the clip is still loading. Leave the page open on your browser. Go away for 10 to 20 minutes (have a nice cup of tea) – this allows the video to “buffer while paused” (the longer the length of the video, the longer you will need to leave it to buffer). After this time, the video should have “buffered” enough and be ready to view without it stopping and pausing. This technique normally works for most buffering issues.

Troubleshoot playing videos on mobile browsers

Are you unable to play the course videos on your mobile device? Are videos constantly buffering for you? Along with trying the above “buffer while paused” technique, here are some troubleshooting steps that fix the most common problems.

1. Reboot your device
Sometimes other apps or low memory can cause problems, and restarting helps to fix those problems. Yes thats right I just said turn it off and turn it on again, hehe.

2. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies

On Android:

Open the default browser and open Menu.
Touch Privacy & Security.
Touch Clear cache and touch OK.
Touch Clear all cookie data and touch OK.

On iOS:

From your Home screen navigate to Settings > Safari.
Touch Clear cookies.
Touch Clear cache.

For instructions on clearing your browser’s cache and cookies on alternate mobile operating systems, please consult your device’s instruction manual.

3. Use a different browser
If the default browser is not playing videos, download an alternate mobile browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

4. Are there lots of devises in the household being used?
Often if there are lots of people in the house using phones and tablets and even gaming machine this will slow down your internet connecton just as having lots of applications open on your commuter will. So check those are closed and that you have a clear connection.

5. I can’t hear anything?
The volume is set to automatically come on at 80% which quite high so just check you have the sound turned on on your computer, I know this sounds daft but normally it really is as obvious as that. Each device you use has a different default setting and may be turned to mute so just check that.


If after trying all these tips, you are still experiencing problems, please get in touch and we will try to assist.