Equipment Required

If you want to buy some goodies before you start the course you really only need the basic general hand embroidery supplies. For more specialised courses such as the lampshade course then a list of supplies is noted at the bottom of the page.

You don't need to rush out and buy them as once you have been taught a few basics you may decide you need or want certain supplies. A list of suppliers will be give when class starts for you to get any extras.

Here are some basics that you will definitely need if you want to start any project...

  • scissors
  • needle (sharps/household)
  • a piece of plain calico, linen or cotton for practise
  • a small section of patterned and colourful co-ordinating fabrics
  • fabric glue or pins
  • small wooden embroidery hoop 6" (optional as I don't really use hoops)
  • magic blue water soluble pen or pencil

To be able to make the most of The Fiddly Art of Lampshade Making you will need:

  • scissors
  • fabric of your own choosing
  • white cotton thread
  • needles
  • notebook
  • pen
  • pencil
  • magic blue water soluble pen
  • fabric glue
  • wire hoops/lampshade frame
  • pretty ribbon or trimmings the amount depends on how big you are making your shade
  • a jersey type fabric for lignin the soft shade
  • lampshade tape 9mm
  • special pvc for lampshade lining
  • you could just buy an online drum lampshade kit and I will show you how to make it