Venue: Ley Hall, Lealholm, Whitby, North Yorkshire.ml_promo_retreat2

The church hall in Lealholm has had a very recent overhaul with the help of a lottery grant and after four years of work and a £400,000 overhaul the historic Ley Hall at Lealholm is now open and is stunning. This is no ordinary church hall! It has character and charm whilst still being modern, light with all the facilities we could require for an amazing location to stitch, chat, eat and be very very relaxed. The hall is fully modernised and has a fully equipped and state of the art kitchen, it is decorated by me with soft furnishings, flowers and has a comfy chair seating area, a massage area, large sewing area with separate area for our lunching needs. It has full disabled access so no one is left out. Internet access is not available in the Hall and mobile phones signals can be patchy within the venue but 4G can be found with some networks. This way you really can properly retreat from the outside world and be free to enjoy your experience without outside pressures. Don't worry though phone access is available widely in the village you're not cut off from the world if you really need to get in touch with anyone.

It will be decorated in the only way I know how, with an abundance of fresh flowers and beautiful containers, soft furnishings, lampshades, comfy chairs and a small lounging area, as well as tables of rich and sumptuous fabrics, baskets of scissors, threads, needles, buttons, pearls, beads, sequins,  and all the materials you will require for the whole weekend of making, from lampshades to wall hangings. A kitchen stuffed with the finest soft drinks, copious amounts of tea from Bettys, homemade cakes all for you to help yourself to throughout the retreat. The underfloor heating will keep us cozy, but if it's a nice day there are lovely quiet gardens surrounding the hall and decking balconies to enjoy a bit of light relief and feel the sun on your face.