The Gentle Art of Slow Stitch Level Two

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Level Two in a series of four learning how to embroider courses. Following on from level one you will learn another set of stitches, eleven this time.
  • Choosing fabrics & tools for projects
  • Creating texture in textile art
  • Building confidence with selecting fabrics and using stitches
  • Transferring patterns & design onto fabric
  • Stabilising vintage linen clothes & darning
  • How to finish your work to a high standard
  • Finding your own style
  • Make a wall hanging
  • Exploring decorative edging
  • Using Pinterest correctly & fairly
  • I will be on hand to give tips and a helping hand in the Facebook group and via email.
Module 1 Welcome to Illuminating Embroidery  
Choosing fabric and building confidence with drawing. Exploring my fabric stash and talking about great places to buy fabric. Mark making Drawing Aids
Unit 1 Welcome & How It Works Level Two
Unit 2 Bonus lesson - A few of the stitches I use to get you started
Module 2 Building confidence with colour and texture  
We chat about colour and combinations of colour. Then explore texture and layering.
Unit 1 What fabrics shall I use?
Unit 2 Building Confidence with Texture & Colours
Module 3 Transferring Designs onto Fabric  
Learning the many different ways to create a design onto fabric from paper. Tonnes of products to use, breaking down that minefield.
Unit 1 Transferring Designs onto Fabric
Module 4 Stablising vintage linens and how to darn  
Learn to stabilise vintage linens, using a few techniques. Then study a close up of darning.
Unit 1 Stablising Vintage Linen Fabrics
Unit 2 How to darn, a close up
Module 5 A Wall Hanging  
At last it's project time and we're making a gorgeous wall hanging.
Unit 1 Wall hanging inspiration
Unit 2 Make a Wall Hanging
Module 6 Bonus Ribbon lesson  
A nice little video all about the very basics of ribbon work
Unit 1 Using Ribbons with your Embroidery
Module 7 Decorative Edging  
A wee look at the options we have to edge our work and how to make them your own.
Unit 1 Decorative edging
Unit 2 Importance of Individuality - Finding your own Style
Module 8 A little chat about Pinterest  
The final day and a look at Pinterest and a short goodbye.
Unit 1 Pinterest, a small adventure into the world of pinning.
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