The Gentle Art of Slow Stitch Level Three

The third course in the popular Illuminatiing Embroidery series shows you how to make a large scale working the style of Marna. Join her on location in Amsterdam to learn the tricks of the trade.
  • Where to begin on a big projects
  • Finding your own style
  • Building confidence with drawing
  • Transferring patterns with a lightbox
  • Fabric painting
  • Caring for your embroidery
  • Beads, butttons & sequins
  • Make a large artwork
  • Exploring natural dying
  • Framing your work
Module 1 Welcome to Illuminating Embroidery  
Today we just get to grips with the website and how the course will work.
Unit 1 Welcome & How It Works Level Three
Module 2 Finding your style  
A bonus lesson talking about how artists find their style.
Unit 1 Finding your own style, an artist's struggle.
Unit 2 Copyright Issues & Intellectual Property Rights
Module 3 Fabric painting  
A bonus lesson giving you a start in the world of paint on fabric
Unit 1 Using fabric paint
Module 4 Drawing and transferring  
We look at drawing and some exercises to help give you confidence
Unit 1 Where to begin on a large project
Unit 2 Building Confidence with Drawing Part One
Unit 3 Building Confidence with Drawing Part Two
Unit 4 Transferring your design to fabric using a light box
Module 5 Caring for your embroidery  
A bonus lesson in how to care for your embroidery after you've worked so hard on it.
Unit 1 Caring for Embroidery
Module 6 Creating and stitching your own design.  
Classes showing how I produce my work to inspire you with your own piece.
Unit 1 How to chose fabrics & tools for creating texture & layers
Unit 2 Creating your design - adding the fabric
Unit 3 And now for the stitching
Module 7 Beads, buttons and sequins  
Another bonus lesson showing you ways in which to embellish your work with beads and accessories.
Unit 1 Finishing touches with beads, buttons and sequins
Module 8 Framing & mounting  
Framing and mounting your finished work.
Unit 1 Framing & mounting your work
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