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Hi and welcome to Illuminating Embroidery.

So I’ve paid now what’s next…..

Firstly a huge thank you for choosing to take one of my embroidery courses, yeah happy face. You’ll have read all the frequently asked questions and have an idea of what is in store for you over the next day, week or weeks. And if you are still not quite sure then here is where I will tell you what is happening next and what I need you to do to prepare for getting started on the first day of ‘class’.

Here’s your to do check list:

  • Make sure all your log in details are filled in, this means everything. I need your shipping address even though this is an online course for two reasons. Firstly I want to send you your goody bag. Secondly the EU VAT regulations for businesses have recently changed so I have to account for which country every student comes from and charge & pay VAT accordingly. It’s the law I’m afraid I can’t get out of it. So please help me out but surely you want all those lovely goodies anyway.
  • Fill in the description box for a bit of fun so we all get to know each other, I’ve done it. You don’t have to but it would be a lovely way for us all to make friends.
  • Make sure you are receiving all emails correctly and that I haven’t been thrown away in your spam filter because I want to keep you up to date with new posts.
  • Join in the secret Facebook group I have created where we can all socialise at ease and discuss the course, offer helpful tips and advice. It’s a place where I can say hello more informally and you can discuss and share projects. Rules of etiquette apply.

To change any profile and personal detail please look on the top right hand side of the screen to see a little Howdy button. This is where all your personal info lies. Do not worry about privacy I have a whole page talking about it, here, and I won’t go messing with you and flogging it. Pinky swear it’s totally safe.

To join the Facebook group click here and ask to join. The web address is :

I will then see it and accept your request. I’m afraid it’s the only way to do it because  would never find you in a million years if I just searched your name, unless you had a really weird one like mine.

Please email any questions you have about anything you learn or haven’t understood or need to clarify to this email address This email address is checked regularly and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively if you have a question about getting around the site or you’re having difficulty with the ‘tech’ then get in touch on the Facebook group.

Right I think that’s all the info I have for you. Get joining that FB group and say hello.