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Lainey Whitworth ~ Lainey Whitworth Mixed Media & Textile Artist

IMG_0033First Published – Jul 4, 2013

Name: Lainey
Company: Lainey Whitworth Mixed Media & Textile Artist.
Website: www.laineywhitworthart.co.uk

Sum up your business in a sentence. Quirky, not cute, but hopefully will make someone smile.

When did you start your business? I started selling hand painted wooden memory boxes about 12 years ago from a gallery in St. Agnes.


What & who inspires you? Everything around me is potential inspiration, from a leaf on the ground to someone’s lips…….I am always looking at shapes, colours, textures.What sets you apart from others? Hopefully the quirkyness of my ‘one of a kind’ figures. I am drawn to angels.

What did you do before setting up your business? Looked after my little ones, but they are not little anymore!


The best part of your day/ running your own business. Best part of the day for me when I step into my studio and time stops. Running my own business well everything is down to me, I love that aspect.

Why did you start your business? I started off at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Brussels, and then my direction and priorities changed. But art was still calling to me many years later and I just sort of fell back into it. I never stopped being creative though. I’ve always had arty projects of some sort on the go.


Your favourite product & why. Air drying clay, I love it, it suits what I do.

Your greatest business tip. Follow your heart and you can’t go wrong, and it will make you happy. Also get an amazing website, as this is a stepping stone to your clients.

Your favourite colour. Duck egg blue.


Star sign. Sagittarius

Your biggest weakness. Having too many projects on the go, and stuff everywhere!

Your biggest success. My facebook page…and being successful in a beautiful seaside gallery in St.Agnes Cornwall, where people come in and ask my mother if I have anything new in the shop, how wonderful is that. Making people smile with my art is what I love to do.


Funniest moment. When I took a mermaid doll into a gallery that I used to be with, she smoothed the dolls hair back and a handful came out.I thought it was funny but the gallery owner was mortified…..

Favourite quote. “If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” — Vincent van Gogh

Favourite motto. “When you love what you do, you’ll never ‘work’ another day in your life.”


Favourite artist. That’s a hard one but the Renaissance period is what I love the most. Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli… Contemporary artists that I love are Mister Finch, Kirsty Elson designs, Hens Teeth, little a designs, Jayne Hewison, to name but a few.

Favourite season. Autumn, riding my horse Bailey around the lanes all rugged up against the cold. Many arty ideas come to me at this time.

Business dream. To be able to create full time locked away in my little farmhouse studio…..with only me the cats and dog……..bliss.


Favourite flower. Rose. What are you listening to right now. I can’t live without Radio 1 on throughout the day, and in my Land rover cd player is One Direction, thanks to my 16 year old daughter, but I do find myself singing along….

Your simple pleasure. A cup of tea and a bacon sandwich, and riding and training my horse Bailey.

What’s your brew. Tea, and lots of it just like my nan.

Oh I did love reading this Lainey and I loved finding out about your love of Renaissance art. I can see all those influences in your work which is a joy because they are huge loves of mine too. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us, its great getting to know you better. Much love 20130622-074820.jpg

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