#threaduary : an everyday stitch project to help creative block

what is threaduary?

  • primarily an instagram project although it can be shared anywhere
  • a daily stitching project, a time to experiment or finish off that 'thing' you've been meaning to for ages, an excuse to take some time to make something and to feel really good about it
  • you can make anything you like, set yourself a goal, a realistic goal. It could be a full project that you want to do a little of each day, it could be experimenting in a style or material you've not tried before ,or even a new subject.
  • post a photo  of your project or inspiration each day using the hashtag #threaduary and tag me (@marnalunt) in it so I can see what you're up to.

In October I took part in #stitchtober which I saw Adam Pritchett doing on Instagram, this was a variation on #inktober created by Jake Parker.

I was feeling pretty crap at the time and felt I needed a focus of some sort to help me out of my personal rut. It was great, I decided that I enjoyed stitching botanicals and had not really had the chance to play with full thread painting only using botanicals as a subject.

So, why not use this as a way to play? I did the full 31 images but I didn't stress too much if I missed a few days or wanted to go out and miss a day. I caught up with it because I really wanted to finish 31 images but really it didn't matter if I didn't want to catch up. There were no rules and it was refreshing that it was my own determination and excitement that made me finish the project. I always set off with the best intentions and then quickly lose patience and skip off in another direction. Finishing it gave me a real sense of achievement that I was much in need of at the time. It's actually an awful lot of work doing a whole completed flower each day. One flower might take three hours another might take eight, so it might be useful to set a time limit during the day. 

During this month ff stitching I had a lot of time to think. And as an artist I find I spend a lot of  time thinking and considering and researching , sometimes I think more than I make. When I don't have time to do this thinking and considering I often end up getting creatively stuck very quickly or end up spending more time figuring things out in the middle of the project because I didn't think first! Having said that sometimes you can think too much and then you never make anything. Oh the hard life of an artist!

Anyway we all know how rubbish the winter months can feel. We want to hide away, curl up and wait for spring. But a great way to keep ourselves going is to make stuff, make stuff that makes us feel good. These winter months are slow, we have no money or inclination to shop till we drop, the days are short and gloomy, but they are a great time to experiment before life gets busy again.

I want to use this month coming (February) to play, practice and see what floats my boat. In January I seem to always revert to drawing, everything stems from drawing to me and it's important for me to practise that everyday. So this January I have concentrated on drawing flowers because I always go back to flowers. No matter what I feel flowers will always see me right, and if nothing else it s a great excuse to have some bright blooms in the house. An unending source of inspiration.

My aim and reason for making #threaduary is this.
  • An excuse to experiment... try out new base materials leatherette, neoprene, weights of cloth.
  • By daily practise I'm interested to see how my work develops throughout the month.
  • If I want to miss a day I can, as long as it is to do something that makes me happy and good for my mental health.
  • My chosen subject is seasonal botanicals, drawn from life rather than photos. So I'm limited to what is in the florist (usually spring blooms at this time of year). 

That's all. The more complicated you make it the more likely you are to fail and this is about making you feel good, as soon as it doesn't make you feel good why do it? So it would be great if you wanted to join in and have a go at stitching something each day of the month. But if you just want to follow the hashtag and see whats going on that'll be fab too. You can follow the hashtag on Instagram or just follow me and then you'll see it too.

What to expect to see from me during this month.
  • Daily photos of the work I produce.
  • A weekly blog with a round up of all the daily instagram posts, how I felt about making them and what I learned.
  • In the weekly blog one free design will be included for you to print and use yourself, either as a colouring page or a guide/outline to stitch yourself. The design will be from one of the pictures I have stitched that week.

A big thank you to.....

DMC have very kindly given me the threads to use in this project, they aren't paying me to do the project, it's all me. It's not a sponsorship or all that malarky but I haven't often used their threads for a full on project and as part of the experimental nature of this project I wanted to use just one brand. I thought it would also make it easier for those of you who wanted to join in to know exactly what colours I use. I reached out to them and asked if they would send me some threads that I can use and they said yes. They have been very kind to do this as I asked for a lot because I use so many bloody colours, I have to say I have always seen how much they support embroidery artists and I do think its a great attitude and thats why I thought I'd get in touch in the first place. So go have a look at them, they have tonnes of free patterns, you could use some for your #threaduary project, how ace would that be?