Stitches and Samplers

Stitches & Samplers
A nice and easy course to get you started with your stitches. I have included all my favourite stitches here in this course plus quite a few more. I informally chat with you about what stitches we are doing and then we get to make our own samplers and have loads of inspiration to get us started with this very historic form of embroidery. To access this completely FREE course, please add it to your shopping basket and go through the check out as you would usually. It will then be instantly available for you here to view at your pleasure.
Module 1 Welcome & Introduction to the course
A brief hello and explanation of how the course works.
Unit 1 Choosing your Needle & Thread
Unit 2 Hooping/Tension & Stabilising
Module 2 Line Stitches
A look at the line stitches and videos showing you how to create them.
Unit 1 Five Basic Line Stitches
Unit 2 Bonus Material - Stitch Guides Part One
Unit 3 Stitch Guide Part Two
Unit 4 Stitch Guide Part Three
Unit 5 Five More Basic Line Stitches
Unit 6 Stitch Guide Part Four
Unit 7 Stitch Guide Part Five
Unit 8 Stitch Guide Part Six
Module 3 Fill stitches
A selection of fill stitches to learn and practise
Unit 1 An introduction to fill stitches
Unit 2 Close up stitch guide part one
Unit 3 Close up guide to stitches part two
Unit 4 Close up guide to stitches part three
Unit 5 More fill stitches
Unit 6 Close up guide to stitches part four
Unit 7 Close up guide to stitches part five
Unit 8 Close up guide to stitches part six
Module 4 Embellishment stitches
Now things are hotting up a bit showing you a few more challenging stitches.
Unit 1 Fancy stitches part one
Unit 2 Fancy stitches part two
Unit 3 Fancy stitches part three
Unit 4 Fancy stitches part four
Unit 5 Fancy stitches part five
Unit 6 Fancy stitches part six
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