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Kirsty Elson ~ Kirsty Elson Designs

Name:Kirsty Elson

Company:Kirsty Elson Designs

(first published Feb 23, 2013)

Kirsty Elson (aka the stealthy wood nicker, I’ve just named her that she may not like it)

Sum up your business in a sentence.Unique driftwood sculpture from Cornwall

When did you start your business?2004 – though it was very part-time in the early days.

What & who inspires you? The Cornish environment and anything coastal.

What sets you apart from others? I often use found materials, so each piece is one of a kind.

What did you do before setting up your business? I had a pretty crummy job photographing babies and children, then I started a family.

The best part of your day/ running your own business. Getting home after school drop-off, putting the radio on and knowing I have about 6 hours of creating ahead of me!

Why did you start your business? At first it was a way to earn a bit of money and still be a stay at home mum. I never really dreamed it would work out so well.

Your favourite product & why. It changes all the time. Usually it is the most recent creation which is my favourite.

Your greatest business tip. Have a unique product and get your pricing right!

Your favourite colour. Red.

Star sign. Sagittarius.

Your biggest weaknessFacebook probably!

Your biggest success. Firstly being accepted for the Contemporary Craft Festival last year – I was so thrilled – and then the show itself was amazing! Things stepped up a gear after that.

Funniest moment. I am frequently discovering yesterday’s knickers poking out of the leg of my jeans – hopefully before anyone else has noticed! 

Favourite quote.Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it – Confucius

Favourite motto.Why do housework when I could be making?!

Favourite artist. Alfred Wallis, Elaine Pamphilon.

Favourite season. Spring.

Business dream. Fairly modest: just to be able to keep on doing what I do. I have no desire to conquer the world or anything!

Favourite flower. Sweet peas.

What are you listening to right now. I am revisiting Marvin Gaye. He was a genius.

Your simple pleasure.Walking on the beach and “treasure hunting” with my family.

What’s your brew. Cup of tea please!

There’s not much more I can add about Kirsty because I am so sure you will all be very well aware of her work, other than I have had the pleasure of getting to know Kirsty recently and she’s a joy.

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  1. I am in awe of Kirsty – because she can start with an object that everyone else has walked past – and transform it into something absolutely beautiful and original. A brilliant example to anyone of how to just do it!

  2. I absolutely ADORE your work!!! Since discovering it, I have been totally obsessed. As a fellow “creator”, I am in awe of your unique vision and extraordinary creativity. I have always loved little houses and the ocean. You have brought them together in your wonderful artworks. Thank you! You are a gift to the creative world!

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