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Jane Day ~ Tea With Ruby

Name:  Jane Day

Company:  Tea with Ruby

Website:  www.teawithruby.co.uk


Sum up your business in a sentence.  Stylist, blogger, china lover, interior demon, image devourer & pretty things admirer.

When did you start your business?   Tea with Ruby burst onto the scene in October 2012.

What & who inspires you?  There are so many in so many different fields but here are a handful as I’d be going on all day.  Nancy Lancaster and John Fowler for their brilliance,  Nicky Haslam for his flair, Ben Pentreath the architect (I want to live in his parsonage in Dorset),  Christopher Lloyd for his charismatic gardening,  Monty Don and Gardeners World I love it, a man in cords gets me every time!   Twig Hutchinson the stylist.   I find gardeners, interior decorators and stylists are people I want to be when I grow up.

What sets you apart from others?   I have no idea, not so good when it comes to blowing my own trumpet.


What did you do before setting up your business?   All exceedingly boring, I worked in the IT industry for many years and I’m still rubbish with a computer.  Threw in the towel to be a stay at home Mum, studied interior design before setting up Tea with Ruby.

The best part of your day/ running your own business  ~  Best part of the day is all of it, I work from home it doesn’t get any better than that.  Running the business means I can betotally 100% me, no one else to answer to, no one else to tell me what to do.  I find that rather exhilarating and sometimes darn right scary but I have a fabulous husband Robert who’s shoulder gets leaned on once in a while.  It’s a wonderful thing having that kind of support.


Why did you start your business?   I’ve always adored vintage china and as the years passed I collected more and more.   After becoming a Mum to Ruby and taking the plunge of not going back to work, I had lovely time on my hands to be a bit more creative.  I read an article in Country Homes & Interiors about Lucy Haywood of Love Lane Vintage which made the old grey cells think and so Tea with Ruby was born.    In two years the business has evolved, chance meetings with wonderful people and making new found friends has fuelled my passion for other things such as blogging which is a joy.

Your favourite product & why.   I’m a sucker for a pretty teacup,  the delicacy of the china and often the beauty of the pattern adorned around it.  Also the history behind such a little thing, who was the first person to own it, has it been cherished for years or hidden away in a cupboard until I came across it.

Your greatest business tip.  Be passionate about what it is you want to do, don’t have too many strict guidelines as things always evolve from where you started from.   When you are ready to launch make sure all your media is ready to go at the same time but most of all enjoy it.

Your favourite colour.  I don’t have one, I rather like them all.

Star sign.   Capricorn


Your biggest weakness.   Pinterest, red wine, interior magazines and books, car booting, chaps with beards, did I mention pinterest!

Your biggest success.   Being a Mum, nothing beats having a Ruby about.

Funniest moment.   The most prominent at the moment, as I have quite a few, was with you my dear,  sat in Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant in Kingston Upon Thames after a few glasses of wine, good food, fab friends and a conversation that made me cry with laughter (yes I really did cry!)

Favourite quote.  “Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent, and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play” ~ Henri Matisse

Favourite motto.  ‘ Stick to your guns’  Jack Winters the best Grandad in the world


Favourite artist.  Not sure if I have a favourite, art comes in so many forms from the great masters through to florists and everything else in between.   I do lose myself when stood in front of a piece of art be it a painting, sculpture huge arrangement of flowers, I can stand a stare for a very long time.

Favourite season.    Summer, say no more, I hate being cold.

Business dream.   To own a beautiful shop somewhere exceedingly pretty selling pre loved items for the home and garden, with a sideline of styling homes with the wares available in the shop.  Oh to dream.

Favourite flower.   Too many!  It also depends on the season but at the moment it’s the simple cow parsley, love it.


What are you listening to right now.   Got a love for 6 Music, quite addictive and not good for the bank balance as we end up downloading new bands!!   Really into Vampire Weekend at the moment.

Your simple pleasure.   Can I make it multiple?  Gardening, photography, laughing, cuddles not necessarily in that order.

What’s your brew.    Can’t function without a strong coffee first thing, one that your spoon can stand up in!   Quite partial to the odd cup of tea and I couldn’t be without a nice glass of wine every now and again.

Tell us a joke.   What’s the difference between a buffalo and a bison?  You can’t wash your hands in a buffalo.



Last month I spent a glorious weekend with Jane and Vicky Trainor and I have to say it was one of my most favouritest weekends ever. I don’ think we stopped talking other than whilst asleep and I think we may have done a bit of that then actually too, but definitely no snoring, no no snoring at all. She is a joy to spend time with and so positive and fun. A talented stylist and generally just great to have about, I wish I had her in my pocket. Thanks Jane for sparing time for my little blog. Lovely lady.


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