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Mindfulness and Embroidery aka Thread Therapy

Just a few weeks ago we said hello to some wonderful guests at our spring Thread Therapy retreat. Three of them came all the way from AMERICA just for it!!  We’ve added a few photographs from the weekend we spent stitching and relaxing in the beautiful village of Lealholm in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park.

Everyone made really rather a lot of very cool stuff, lanterns, wall hangings, a large lampshade, various hooped art. You see you don’t have to simply make a lampshade you can make anything you want. I have so many projects for you to chose from and all the materials here to do it. We concentrate on hand embroidery (no machines are there as it’s not part of my process), I am there to teach you, guide you and inspire you to create what makes you happy, so you can come time and time again and always get something new from the experience.

People travel from across the country as well as internationally safe in the knowledge that we will do everything for you to make your stay amazing and an experience you will cherish and remember.

Before you scroll through all the pretty prictures from our March retreat, here’s what one of our guest’s felt about her weekend of Thread Therapy.

“I was expecting sewing, I was expecting to meet new people and I was expecting (or at least hoping for) a bit of me time! But what I wasn’t expecting was how hugely therapeutic the whole weekend was. It was emotional. It was educational (but not only in a ‘learn these stitches’ kind of way.) It was fulfilling, and it was a start to discovering more about myself and where I am right now. Which I really didn’t expect. Marna is so right calling the retreat ‘Thread Therapy’ because that is truly what it was.”

You can read her full blog post about the experience here.

We still have a few spaces available on our Thread Therapy hand embroidery retreats in 2017, you can find out more by clicking below and also sign up for our free online hand embroidery course.
Find out more about Thread Therapy retreats for 2017

Thread Therapy March 2017

A little glimpse of our latest hand embroidery retreat… bliss!

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