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Mollie Makes Issue 40 Cover Project

A3 Mollie Makes Board 1First published June 2014

Dreams have been coming true in Lunt Towers this last two months, so much so I haven’t actually had to to tell you all about them. So, like buses, I’m going to tell everything and you may be inundated by exciting posts with many pretty pictures all week.


First up is the marvellous Mollie Makes magazine. I was featured in the magazine a few months ago when I contributed with a project on how to create a embroidered hoop with inspirational quotes. They were so pleased with how that project went they asked me back but this time do a cover project. I nearly wept. For a magazine to take notice of you and ask you to do something for them that they believe will help sell their magazine is an honour and really boosted my confidence. It’s easy to forget about the outside world when you’re creating on your own and this made me realise that people do like my work and appreciate the care and individuality I strive for. They saw that I was a capable artist of many things and trusted I could make something wonderful for them even though they’d never seen any specific examples.


Anyway, good things, hard work, happiness all round. Time to up my game further and blow their socks off. Nothing like a challenge to really make me shine.

So here is what I created. I’m really proud of it and love the textures and layers and the sparkle the sequins give. A floral sash made from fabric and pearls with a bit of hand stitching. The full project can be seen in their issue 40 which is available as a back issue.




Embroidered Lamp – Mollie Makes Embroidery Magazine


Embroider your own lampshade!

It is so good to at last be able to share with you a new embroidered lampshade project I made for the brand new amazing (and awesome) Mollie Makes Embroidery Bookazine which comes out today. It has been edited by the incredible Lara Watson aka @laramcspara and is full of wonderful hand embroidery projects. There are so many fun and creative ideas to try out from pillowcases, banners and clothing to trainers! I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

I am very proud to say I have TWO projects in the issue for you to make, an embroidery hoop AND an embroidered lampshade project. I got my copy in the post today and I have to say it’s brilliant!!

So many fab projects and really good info, really inspiring. Go buy now!

You can order a copy here –

and here’s a little peek inside! (This is just a sampler)

If you need to brush up your embroidery skills why not sign up to my free online embroidery course today – hours of videos teaching you over 30 hand embroidery stitches.

PS A big thanks to Charlotte Eve for taking the beautiful photos for me. Xx

My interview with the Making Spot

This week the artist interview will be me, in a manner of speaking. It won’t be the same interview as everyone else although I will do that one at some point, but this one is a little last minute as I’ve had to do a small rejig to get some of my favourite artists in in the next few months. So this is an interview I did for another blog a while ago. Next week will be back to the usual artist interviews.
Bear with, bear with.

In March I was asked by the fab Mollie Makes Making Spot blog to do an interview which was rather lovely. Here’s the interview,

Marna Lunt is the talented designer, a treasure trove of handstitched delights. We love Marna’s colourful style and clever personalised designs, so we asked her a little about how she works, what inspires her, and what she’s up to at the moment!


Marna, your online shop is a crafty treasure trove! What inspired you to set up Little a Designs?

Many of us find that life changes greatly after we have children and we have different goals and ideals. Luckily when you’re an artist it often gives you a purpose and talent to use that works well around children and working from home.

I had been made redundant during my pregnancy with my first child Arthur. When he was born he suffered severe brain damage and so I was very limited to what job I’d be able to do around his very specialised and intense care needed. Then I found not only did I need to make money but I needed to have an outlet that would help body and soul and I knew that now was the time to grab the opportunity and do what I really loved at last and paint and create. And Little a was born.

Every morning I’m excited about the day to come and the opportunity to make and create. I am constantly inspired by my greatest loves; the landscapes and colours of my North Yorkshire Moors and my deep love of Itaian Renaissance art. That may sound like an odd combination but they each excite me everyday.

Many of your designs incorporate wonderful personal elements – we especially love the church/venue cushions. Have you ever had any unusual or ambitious requests for stitched scenes or buildings?

I really enjoy making these scenes and always see every request as a bit of an adventure. I’ve not really had anything too weird but many wonderful suggestions. Quite often they are wedding venues or a really special place close to someone’s heart so it’s very important to get the atmosphere right. It’s not really the actual image that’s my main focus, but the story behind it – What’s so special about it, what memories does it evoke? – and with that I try to make sure the textures and fabrics reflect that sentiment.

My work is very textural and colourful, I love uses in layers and adding details that only the client will know or care about; a scrap of wedding dress, a hint at a favourite flower. Some fun commissions have been the Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough which the locals love and feel very strongly about. Roseberry Topping is another local landmark to me which is much thought of and used by artists and the community. The some great venues from a French chateaux, a Yorkshire Castle and a tiny church found in the deepest depths of the North Yorkshire Moors. The entire London cityscape was interesting to try and get on a cushion too!

What’s next for Little a Designs? Tell us about your latest work!

At the moment I’m working on a new product of fabric personalised photo frames which I’m supply to lots of shops and is great fun developing. I’ve just finished a range of tweed cushion with Liberty fabrics too which I’ll be showcasing at the Country Living Fair in Harrogate at the end of the year. I’m extremely excited about that, because I get to hunt for tonnes of vintage goodies to use and the tweed and Liberty tana lawn fabrics are a perfect texture combination that just makes my heart sing when I use them. Add a stack of vintage buttons and lace and velvet and I’m in heaven!

What advice can you give to crafters who are taking their first steps in stitching?

Find your own way, your own style. That means experimenting with materials and ideas. People love and want originality and fun and the only real way you can get that is being yourself – don’t compare yourself to others and try and be something you’re not.

Create our own techniques and ways of doing them that suit your life and skills. It takes a long time to find your own style and what you love, but once you have found it and have faith in your ability then nothing can stop you.

Love what you do. If you don’t like it or want it why would anyone else? Be proud and show everyone the best part of you, the quality, time, love and talent you have. I make things that many others do, cushions, pictures, rosettes, but I always do it in a way that makes them very ‘me’. People can usually recognise my work because of the way I hand stitch, my colour and material choices and they way is which I draw with the thread and the finish.

Then get yourselves talking to people online, social media has changed the whole crafting community and it’s a wonderful world out there. Xx

Thank you so much, Marna, we’re so inspired by your beautiful stitched work. For more from Marna, click over to You can browse the shop, check out the gallery and find out what Marna’s up to on her blog!

Gold Award? Yes please thank you very much.

Just a quickie post this morning to let you all know I’m the very lucky winner of mumpreneur gold award for my website.

Mumpreneur is a fab website and company that helps and gives advice to us working mums out there that are striving to carve out a sucessful business for ourselves. It’s a great place to network to get advice.

They have a huge amount of entries for their website awards and a panel of professionals look in detail at alsorts of elements that make up the content of the site. From there they decide whether they can award you anything. And I only went and got a GOLD one, the best you can get. I’m thrilled and so so proud.

I had a very solid vision of what I wanted for my showcase and I was lucky to find a lady called Tia from Who Ate My Crayons who designed it for me, she also designed this blog. You’ll find more info about her in my artists interviews. Angie from Artwork by Angie also helped hugely in the final project by designing my logo, and considerable of the artwork used thoughout the pages, she too can be found in my artist invideas section. And finally Lyndsay James who took nearly all my product photography and was my first interviewee on the Saturday morning posts.  I really rather love these girls for helping me and get this fab little addition to my pat on the back page.

My lovely gold award.

I will be posting my craft bag of delights info tomorrow so watch out for all my favourite things I need and use in my work. I will also be telling you what you need to be able to start making things with my on my How To’s which are separating next week. Also watch out for Saturdays artist interview who is Cassandra from Gracie’s Garden Bazarre.


An SBS start to the year.

I was lucky enough to get an iPad for Christmas this year and I have been doing a lot of playing with it. It’s another distraction from work, in one way, but I’m doing more ‘research’ than ever.

Christmas is over, the decorations are gone, but it was nice while it lasted.

I was playing with it on Sunday night and was leafing through twitter which I don’t do regularly enough and was reminded that I was in the time frame for entering the Theo Paphitis (from Dragons Den fame) SBS competition.

SBS stands for small business Sunday. You have between 5 & 7.30pm to enter a short sentence about your business and why you want him to retweet your business to all his followers. You want to stand out for those few hours because to get a retweet to his large base of followers is not the only thing you get. You get to become a member of the SBS family, who help each other network and support each other. You get access to a website with special discounts and business advice. Your profile is also placed on this website for all to see & that you and your business stood out enough to be worthy of the great business mans attention. It’s a great marketing opportunity and that can do nothing but help a tiny business like mine. So I gave it a bash and tweeted then put it to the back of mind as I have entered two or three times in the last year and never got anywhere but was perhaps not in the right place to concentrate on it either.


Although I know this now happened in 2012 I feel it has been the start of a new year and new way of doing business for me, a new direction and of hopefully new hope.
I have been putting lots of things in motion over the past few months and trying to keep on top of the Christmas orders. And to be honest the sparkle has certainly been taken off my work. I had began to feel dragged down the weight of it all and truly didn’t think I wanted to carry on. This would have been a disaster after the house resources I’d put into all my preparations but sometimes things become murky and you need something to awake the senses and the creative spirit.
This SBS came at just the right time for me and I’m massively thankful for it. It’s been what I needed, an ‘virtual’ kick up the bum.

Starting the New Year with fresh air in my lungs and a happy heart.

So now I can look forward to my new year, I’m excited about my new website and supplies which I’m adding to and getting photographed all the time. So much fun getting to look through beautiful catalogue and dreaming how I will use everything. I’m in the process of getting a selection of Liberty Art Fabrics together to sell. I already regularly use Liberty fabrics in all my work and have more plans to use much much more. I have a beautiful catalogue winging its was to press offices designed by the lovely girls at Sorbet Design House.

One of the pages from the up and coming brochure.

And I’ll be painting more and doing a lot more one off’s for sale through my website.

Work in process in the studio

So thank you Theo for giving me a boot up the bum and I am now ploughing on with new ideas and a new sparkle in my eye.

A few of the ribbons that appear on the website.