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Hand embroidery patterns and mindfulness

embroidery patterns to download

We have a  new range of hand embroidery patterns that can be downloaded directly from the website featuring pretty snowglobes with cityscapes.

Snow globes are magical and this time of year is perfect for creating these pretty city designs, complete with little flakes of snow (we’ll teach you how to do that stitch!)

Make pin cushions, christmas decorations or frame your finished design, you could even embroider the patterns directly onto clothing or homewares.


Your finished embroidery will make thoughtful gifts for family and friends, whether you’re embroidering for yourself or for others, these patterns will provide a perfect starting point to practise mindfulness.  You will soon find yourself relaxing into the designs.

You can read all about how embroidery can help you to learn the art of mindfulness here – Embroidery and Mindfulness

Learn Basic Hand Embroidery Stitches Online

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to get started with hand embroidery.  Sign up to our newsletter for instant access to free online hand embroidery lessons, plus all of the patterns come with help sheets to get you started.

thread therapy online hand embroidery lessons



The Little P Shed Shoot.

I must apologise for not posting last week, I got side tracked with launching my new product, Little P Frames. It coincided with my daughter Phoebes birthday so it’s been a busy week. I will be back on Wednesday with a little tutorial on making a rosette for valentines.

But I thought I’d just show you the things I’ve been doing this last few weeks.
I’m a bit of a design and photo addict. I love getting things made to use with my work. That means stationery, cards and stickers. I love packaging and all things pretty, I get over excited about clean sheets of paper, washi tape and marker pens. And go shopping for pretty things that bring me inspiration under the guise that it is a prop for a photo shoot.
Well last week that paid off. I did a last minute little shoot in my shed with Charlotte from Eve Photography and Kirsty from Darling & Green popped over and brought some beautiful blooms with her.

I’d only thought about sticking a few of these new frames I’ve been working on up near my fun moose head with some of my old tins and cushions etc. but some how it turned into something else. Kirsty worked her magic on the gorgeous spring flowers and the colours just brought everything to life. I got over excited with my hammer banging pins in left right and center and making a few new frames as we went a long, and fiddled with furniture and Charlotte had a field day clicking away.
Tea was constantly brewed and when we weren’t giggling like children we got lots done. Kirsty even had time for a little shoot of her own for business head shots.

Hello Kirsty

So this is my new range, I’m selling in shops for the first time and widening the range all the time.
I use Liberty Art Fabrics and 100% linen beautifully backed and finished off with my handmade ceramic button made by Green Walnut Ceramics.

I’m thrilled by the response and am so excited to make something new and fun. I especially love the personalised ones where I can add your photo to the design and print it onto fabric so it really becomes part of the design. Like with all my Little a work, I use vintage buttons so every piece is different and has its own feel.
I have different sizes and shapes and work closely with you to creat just the effect you want. I also make them as ready maxed frames with is a great way to see exactly what you get as they are all in stock and sold on both my website and easy shop. You can then swap photos around all the time to keep them fresh.
I can happily use your own fabric too. So if you have fabric from your baby clothes, wedding dress or just spare fabric from your current interior scheme then I’ll happily make them to fit in. I can also hand stitch words and dates on the frame to celebrate a special day.

They’re fab wedding gifts and anniversary gifts especially.
Again like my Little a creations everything is made by hand and embroidered without using any machines, just me having far too much fun using hand dyed thread. I still have to pinch myself that I get to do this everyday, I really do have the best job in the world. And after using such joyful spring colours I feel rejuvenated and excited to be starting to get back to work after a bit of a bleak and exhausting winter. So roll on sunshine here I come!

New designs are being added to the website all this week so pop on by to have a look and I have a new Facebook page just for the frames, Little P Frames.

Anyway here are a few photos fro the shoot, enjoy and do let me know what you think.

Do not use these photos unless you have permission from myself, thank you. All designs and images are copyright of Marna Lunt. 2013.


A little studio time


I’ve done a tiny bit of dabbling here and there during the holidays. I’m spending a bit of time today thinking about my work and what I want to do, spending a bit of time dreaming and looking around me. I’ve made a few little lavender hearts for some of my favourite people, just simple but fun and relaxing and I’m so pleased with them.

I collect vintage embroidered linens and use them in my work more and more now, and so I did a bit of cutting and matched the lovely cheerful flowers with a rich houndstooth tweed, then scratched around my draws and found some gorgeous orange French linen thread. I cross stitched a little heart in each fabric piece. Added some velvet, lace and deck chair striped ribbon. Filled them with lavender, and stitched up the opening ruggedly with the orange thread to add some more texture and detail.
I’d be so interested in what you think as I may make more of them for the website. Such a lovely little gift and a pleasure to make, in fact everyone should just give it a try.

I got a bit of drawing done too. I’m going to really try and do this more this year. I have lots of ideas planned for projects and some tutorials. I’m a bit in love with birds and so I thought I’d kick off with really trying to study them, I even got Phoebe involved but I’ll do a separate little blog on that. Sometimes I find it a real battle to draw, I never feel good enough. I have very high expectations and I berate myself if it’s not exactly how I hoped immediately. Most of this is because I don’t make time to draw as much as I want, so it takes me longer and longer to warm up. I have a need to be better than I am, I wish I was as good as others all the time and I aspire constantly to be something I’m not sure if I’m capable of being. I have a drive that can almost be destructive, but that’s just me. Thankfully lovely Simon gives me a verbal slap and I get back on track.
These drawings are a few of my recent sketches that caused the above feelings and reactions.


I will get there, I know what I want to accomplish it just may take me more than the ten minutes that in Marnaland I think it should take.
So I’ve been looking around the studio a bit looking for a sign of a path to follow today with my work, and everywhere I look I see orange, purples and pinks?! So I think these warm and snuggly colours may be the running theme for a little while.




So out come my paints and lets get busy having some fun creating Little a style.
What have you all been making this season? Learnt any new skills?



I’ll be open again after the 7th January and will be opening my books too, but keep your eyes open because I have a studio clear out to come which means fabrics, books, ribbons amongst the goodies up for grabs.

A spangley new website

HELLO & WELCOME *waves frantically*

The blanket draped over Phoebes little chair is my first ever crochet blanket. And takes pride of place as a frame on my home page

It’s been a long time coming but it’s great to tell you all and share with you my new sparkling website made by Tia from Who Ate My Crayons. I am so thrilled with the work Tia has done and I love my website, it is very personal to me, from the crocheted blanket on the homepage that acts as a frame around Angie’s information poster. The ribbons that are used as headers are my favourite designs and I sell them on the website and the fabrics I use in my work. Even the frames used in the gallery are my own personal photo frames that hang on my wall at home full of my children’s pictures. Tia is also the designer of this blog which will be center of my new creative world.

A new collection made especially for the new opening.

We started the process in August after numerous issues with my old website, from being heavily copied to technical faults and eventually just falling out of love with the whole thing. I found that I needed a fresh start. I wanted to do more challenging designs and get back to painting again as I just missed that side of my nature. It’s a natural progression for most artists to change with experience and new influence. I needed a bit more control of the creative process.

In the new site you’ll see new materials used, with my vintage linens and tweeds all high lighted by luscious tana lawn fabric and vintage buttons. I will be painting more and producing canvases in mixed media, with more one off pieces available to buy.


My card holder, Angie’s Christmas cards and Lyndsey’s photo. A group effort.

I have been lucky to meet so many wonderful women in this industry since starting in social media with Little a and they have all been an inspiration to me, not just their work but their attitudes, their personalities & their friendship. Two of these women are Angie from Artwork by Angie and Lyndsey from Lyndsey James Photography. Angie is the creator extraordinaire of my logo and illustrated graphics and Lyndsey is the talent behind the beautiful images I use of my products. Both these ladies have guided me through many hot spots. I can not recommend them highly enough as woman to work with and trust.

A new design for the website



So together they have kicked and shoved me to a place that I am happy with and I hope so much that you’ll all join me in my new journey and adventures.

This blog will now be my main form of communication with you. I’ll be posting regularly about all manner of things I plan to do, work, family, new products, inspiration, places I visit. I’ll let you know about suppliers I’ve found, shops I love and give you ideas of things to make yourself and free templates for designs. There will be tutorials and guidance. You may even be asked to contribute your self and get involved, if you fancy it pop me a line.

It’s only me, hello!!



I also plan to interview my favourite people in this industry, people I love and who are important to me and who I think you will love too. Not just for their work but there entertainment and joy of life, beauty is shown in many ways and I don’t think you can have enough of it in your life.  So I promise I’ll be updating you on activities at least once a week. Please do sign up to my newsletter or my RSS feed and tune in and join in, I want you to feel free to post comments have discussions and interact with me, I’m nice, honest.