The Gentle Art of Slow Stitch Level One

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A basic introduction course to embroidery.
  • My Studio
  • Whats inside my sewing bag
  • Choosing your needle & thread
  • Hooping/Tension & Stabilising
  • Five basic line stitches
  • Fixing Mistakes
  • Using Glue with fabric
  • Ribbon embroidery
  • Make a Rosette Brooch
  • An interview with Marna
Showing you hints and tips on how I do my work and sharing some bonus lessons with you, a few interviews and answering your questions.
Module 1 Before we start to stitch  
The basics and tools of the trade.
Unit 1 Welcome & How It Works Level One
Unit 2 What's Inside my Sewing Bag
Unit 3 Choosing your Needle & Thread 1
Unit 4 Hooping/Tension & Stabilising 1
Unit 5 Using Glue with fabric
Module 2 Starting to sew  
Starting to stitch and attaching fabrics.
Unit 1 Five Basic Line Stitches *bonus lesson*
Unit 2 Fixing Mistakes
Module 3 You're a Winner - make your own rosette  
A project putting some of your new skills to the test.
Unit 1 Making a Rosette
Module 4 Learning a bit about your tutor.  
Time for me to answer all your questions.
Unit 1 An Interview with Marna Lunt
Module 5 Bonus material  
Learning about copyrights and how to use material correctly.
Unit 1 Bonus lesson- Ribbon embroidery
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